What is a Release Train?

At Agile Strategic Solutions, we specialize in training individuals to be certified in Scrum Management. While we strongly believe that Scrum management can benefit your business, even outside of software development, we also offer training in the Scaled Agile Framework. Within the framework, we’ll teach you how to implement the release train to properly schedule…read more

All About SAFe Training

Software development is becoming more and more complex as technology advances, and the struggle for developers to keep up with the competition is becoming more and more pronounced. When a large team works together to complete a project, it can, at best, be a confusing process, full of miscommunications, and specific departments delegated to completing…read more

The Five Scrum Values

As a team-based philosophy, Scrum has a set of five core values that form the groundwork for the Scrum Team’s interactions with each other and the process by which they create products. These values help them navigate challenges and maintain the Scrum mentality, even at times of stress and strain. What are the five values?…read more

What Does the Development Team Do?

The last key component of a successful Scrum framework is the Scrum Development Team. While these individuals are not required to be certified in Scrum framework and practices, they are expected to run their development process according to the principles of Scrum. Development Teams do not have designated roles like developer, engineer, or designer. Everyone…read more

The History of Scrum

Scrum has revolutionized the field of project management, providing new and unique methods to assist businesses in meeting customer needs while letting employees do what they do best. Each team fulfills specific, designated work and is encouraged to complete their tasks in the way they work best. This ensures that customers’ expectations are met and…read more

The Different Scrum Roles

Scrum involves three different roles. These roles work together to promote smooth processes, provide information easily, and quickly solve problems. However, before your Scrum certification, you may be unaware of what these roles are. In this post, we will go over the different Scrum roles to inform you before you start your training to become…read more