The Differences Between Product Backlogs and Sprint Backlogs

Scrum Framework relies heavily on teamwork and organization for each and every project it is applied to. For every project, the Team uses a Backlog system to maintain data about upcoming projects or updates made to already released products. These databases provide the foundation that allows the Teams to make a clear plan for production…read more

What Exactly are Scrum Sprints?

As a framework, Scrum allows businesses to produce high-quality products in a short amount of time by delegating specific projects to small, cross-functional teams. These Scrum Teams operate through Scrum Events that break down the process of production into short phases called Sprints. What exactly are Sprints and what’s involved?   What are Sprints? The…read more

Scrum Theory Explained

Why is Scrum a successful framework for businesses involved in creating complex processes? Put simply, Scrum relies on teamwork and communication to create a work environment that functions quickly and fluidly while mitigating the risk of unknown variables interrupting the development process. Scrum framework relies on an empirical process, meaning the work produced must be…read more