CSPO Training

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Certified Scrum Product Owner® professionals have been taught the Scrum terminology, practices, and principles that enable them to fulfill the role of Product Owner on a Scrum team. CSPOs are typically the individuals who are closest to the “business side” of the project. They are charged by the organization to “get the product out” and are expected to do the best possible job of satisfying all the stakeholders. CSPOs maintain the product backlog and ensure that everyone knows the priorities.

Taking the CSPO course is the first step on your path of becoming more Agile. To truly master Scrum, experience and continuing education are necessary

What are the benefits of a Scrum Product Owner certification?

By earning a Certified Scrum Product Owner® certification you:

  • Learn the foundation of Scrum and the scope of the Certified Scrum Product Owner’s role from the best minds in Scrum.
  • Demonstrate to employers and peers your attainment of core Scrum knowledge.
  • Expand your career opportunities by staying relevant and marketable across all industry sectors adopting Agile practices.
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