BlockChain Bootcamp




2 Days (Sat/Sun) Introduction to Blockchain and Smart Contract Programming

This course will aim to teach students the fundamentals of blockchain and smart contract programming so that they can build the decentralized future. This course will be broken into two separate parts. The first part will show you how blockchains work. The second part will show you how to build on top of blockchain. At the end of the course there will be a final for students to demonstrate their understanding.

Instructor: Elliot Friedman


Day 1
Introduction to blockchains
Permissioned versus public chains
Blockchain State
Cryptographic protocols
Hash Algorithms
Asymmetric cryptography
Introduction to Bitcoin
Bitcoin opcodes
Introduction to Ethereum
Ethereum Virtual Machine
Smart contracts
Smart contract hacks
Smart Contract Development
Solidity Programming Language
Simple voting application
Major smart contract libraries
IoT use case
Education on the blockchain
Smart contract security

Day 2
ICO Smart contract
How to raise funds
STO example
Whitelisted users
How to securely withdraw user funds
Hyperledger Introduction
Blockchain system
How do you join a Hyperledger network
Chaincode on Hyperledger
Hyperledger Chaincode Programming
Build a simple voting application
Defining models in hyperledger CTO language
Deploying simple car auction network
Final Exam
Hyperledger smart contracts
Ethereum smart contracts
Blockchain basics

Our mission

Strategism’s Mission is to provide education in emerging technologies to masses at no cost or very affordable rate. What is life’s objective at the end of the day? Life is fleeting, and permanence in this world is something we all strive for. The best way to achieve permanence is through sharing knowledge.We will also provide interview help and placement services.

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Price for Day 1: $199, Price for Day 2: $399, Price for Day 1 and Day 2:$598


10/12/19, 11/9/19, 12/7/19, 8/24/19, 8/25/19, 9/14/19