Certified Scrum Product Owners help facilitate the completion of a project, acting as a liaison between the team and the client. This important role requires a firm understanding of the Scrum process. Agile Strategic Solutions will train you to help your team move to the next level in implementing the Scrum Framework. Our course utilizes both lecture and role-play to provide you with the highest quality, immersive experience available.


You will learn:

  • How to become an efficient and effective Certified Scrum Product Owner
  • The Scrum Framework and Agile Principles and how to implement them as a CSPO
  • The best and most efficient way to manage your Team’s product backlog
  • How to effectively communicate with your Scrum Team and stakeholders
  • How to fully embrace the Scrum Framework by understanding the core aspects of Scrum Management


We’ll help you:

  • Master techniques to develop a product vision and communicate your plan to your Scrum Team
  • Create methods to handle changes in the product life cycle
  • Better implement Scrum Management practices in your business
  • Create a roadmap for long-term success in your project development
  • Facilitate timely and frequent product releases to keep stakeholders satisfied without taxing your Scrum Team


The Certified Scrum Product Owner class offered by Agile Strategic Solutions will be most beneficial for ScrumMasters and members of the Development Team in organizations already utilizing Scrum Management practices. Project managers already implementing Agile or similar techniques may also find this course useful for improving their project development process. Sign up today to reserve your spot in our next section.