Introducing the scaled agile framework

SAFe is a programming knowledge base that aims to enable you to apply lean-agile practices at enterprise scale. Will it take your development projects where they need to go? “Size clearly matters. You probably couldn’t run an XP (Extreme Programming) Project with a hundred programmers. Nor 50. Nor 20, probably. Ten is definitely doable …”…read more

Why You May Need an ‘Agile Coach’ (Whatever One Is)

For the most part, attendees at last month’s Agile2013 Nashville conference downplayed their title. Programmers, managers, DevOps and testers instead described themselves as “agilists” there to share the experience. However, there was one group that stuck out, one group that didn’t exist 10 years ago: The agile coaches. The role is new, and hard to…read more

SCRUM or KANBAN – The Ever Persisting Question

Agile environment is closely linked to software industry these days. Various agile methodologies are prepared with the sole aim of aiding the IT industry. But, in reality they can aid the manufacturing industry and construction projects too. Lean methodologies have been in practice in the manufacturing industry for ages. It helped them produce zero error products with minimum resource…read more

Proven Ideas to Prevent Agile Transition Failure

Proven Ideas to Prevent Agile Transition Failure Agile transitions give major profits for most organizations, but not for all. There are versatilemreasons for agile transition failures. The major hindering factor is the employee reluctance to accept change. Most employees especially the tenure ones will be content that they are experts in the process. It is true to…read more

How To Differentiate Good And Bad Agile Product Manager?

Good leadership is the key to successful completion of any project. Working in an agile environment is inevitable in the modern day corporate world. Identifying managers who suits the environment and eliminating the non-flexible one to the agile milieu is vital for software companies to survive. Here are a few tips to differentiate between the…read more

Comprehensive Advantages of Agile Process for the Digital Age

Agile process is quite important in the modern day workforce as it is vital for on time delivery and suits the ever popping changes in the software industry. Let’s discuss the importance of the 12 points stated in the agile manifesto. 1. The first and foremost priority is given to delivering valuable software to the…read more

Importance of Agile Tools in Agile Process Implementation

We all know how greatly the agile Methodology has impacted the software development industry. The agile methodology has been able to deliver results far better than the traditional methodologies such as the waterfall model. This is the reason why many companies and professional all around the world are adopting it. It seems quite an easy…read more

How To Know When You Are Misusing Metrics In Agile And Scrum

If you have metrics then it doesn’t mean that you can just use them in any way you want. If you use them incorrectly then you might end up destroying the motivation of the employees. And you need to be careful because there isn’t any metric that would tell you that you have been misusing…read more