Like Scrum, Agile methodology helps you create a more intuitive workflow for your business, making project management a more creative endeavor. Business owners must prioritize the product backlog in order to create and manage an adequate and realistic workflow. In our training, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to become an Agile Certified Practitioner.


You’ll Learn:

  • Everything you need to know about the core concepts of Agile methodology
  • To incorporate the Agile Manifesto into your business’s core values
  • How to operate with an agile mentality and keep your business ready for unexpected changes throughout the project development process
  • How to develop long-term strategies that encourage adaptation to remain competitive with others in the industry
  • How Agile methodology benefits many types of businesses and see how to implement the process across multiple departments


We’ll Help You:

  • Develop techniques for project initiation through role-play and immersive activities
  • Identify the best individuals for team roles
  • Develop methods of Agile planning and project development utilizing story maps and product roadmaps
  • Create strategies to foster collaboration and active listening among your teammates
  • Understand and implement key coaching responsibilities to help your team perform at its best
  • Learn and understand the principles of Scrum and successfully implement aspects of the methodology in your Agile workplace


Our team of experienced and qualified instructors will teach you everything you need to know to become an Agile Certified Practitioner. This course is open to everyone, regardless of your experience with Scrum or Agile methods. Register today to reserve your spot in our next training session.