How Can Agile Methodologies Improve Your Business?

Agile Strategic Solutions wants to help software developers make the most of their production process. To this end, we offer several different certification classes to better help you and your company make the most of each project. Recently, we’ve offered a certification class for the Scaled Agile Framework, where experienced Agile and industry professionals will teach you the foundation for implementing Agile methods into your development process. Today, we’ll take a look at what Agile really is and how it can benefit your company.

What is Agile?
Simply put, Agile is the framework in which Scrum methods can be applied. Without a working knowledge of Agile principles, an organization will not be able to implement Scrum to its fullest potential. Within Agile, there are several methodologies businesses can implement:

  • Scrum
  • Extreme Programing
  • Lean Software Development
  • Adaptive Software Development

No matter which method your business implements, there are a number of benefits to be gained. Here are a few ways the Agile Framework can help across different departments.

  • Accommodates Change: All Agile methods are able to accommodate repeated changes and updated goals throughout the development process. Unlike linear and standard software development practices, change will not disrupt the flow of the project and Agile businesses will be able to update and implement those changes on the fly without losing or halting progress. This, in turn, makes the process much more appealing to customers who may not have a clear idea of how their software will be applied until several weeks of development have made simple changes impossible.
  • Streamlines the Workflow: Every Agile team member will be able to focus on the tasks they’re good at, rather than working out product specifications and artifacts that they won’t be able to use in their process. This saves time, energy, and money in the long run and can dramatically increase worker happiness as the employees are able to complete tasks the moment the software is ready for their skills.
  • Reduces Stress on the Management Team: When customers feel that there’s a delay in the production process, they convey their frustrations to the management team. With Agile methods, many software attributes are fully releasable after each sprint. Even if the entire program is not ready for release, an aspect of it can be used or examined by the customer as soon as the Sprint is over. This helps customers see how the project is progressing at each stage while also giving them a sense of instant gratification.
  • Furthers Communication: Since each team is made up of a group of individuals with different skills, there is no delay in communication between departments. Rather than waiting for a separate department to wade through a queue of revision requests or questions about the work they performed, Agile teams make it possible for individuals to communicate whenever the need arises. This makes the small teams far more productive than separate large departments because any issues that come up are easily and resolved.

No matter how large or small your organization is, the Scaled Agile Framework can help you streamline your production process. Register for our next training session today and see just how much Agile can help your business.