The Five Scrum Values

As a team-based philosophy, Scrum has a set of five core values that form the groundwork for the Scrum Team’s interactions with each other and the process by which they create products. These values help them navigate challenges and maintain the Scrum mentality, even at times of stress and strain. What are the five values?

  • Focus: Each time a Scrum Team starts a Sprint, the focus is only on the task in front of them. Any overarching concerns about the development of later products are not part of the equation. Each team member is expected to focus on the items of the Sprint Backlog their team selected to complete. There is no constant multi-tasking from project to project; everyone is working towards the same goal. The Team must focus in order to complete the requirements and develop a finished product.
  • Courage: Scrum requires that individuals be comfortable working outside their comfort zone, thus it requires a certain amount of courage. Team members do not stick to one assigned role and are expected to help where needed to further the development of the project. As a result, they are often assigned different responsibilities. Since every project is different, the challenges and tasks are ever-changing. Each individual is encouraged to change the way they work to suit the project and to help their teammates complete the tasks at hand.
  • Openness: Scrum Team members work together to complete their Sprint Goal. This requires open communication among all members to ensure the work is getting done. Everyone’s work is open for inspection at any time because the entire team is working towards the same end result. By communicating with the rest of the Team, individual concerns are easily addressed and collaboratively solved, preventing small concerns from turning into large problems.
  • Commitment: Each Sprint is a potentially releasable project in and of itself. This means that each member of the Development Team must be completely committed to meeting the Sprint Goal. Every member of the Team relies on the work each person performs. That said, each team can choose the Product Backlog items that they believe can reasonably be completed by the end of the Sprint, so they should be committed to the work they selected.


  • Respect: Since the Teams are so small, it is imperative that each person be respectful of their teammates. A harmonious work environment is key to producing the high-quality work that Scrum methods are known for. Each person on the team is there for a reason. Teams are put together based on individuals’ strengths and their abilities. This ensures that the Team will work well together and can build on each other’s work. If one person is lacking in an area of expertise, another person can jump in to help without anyone becoming critical over an individual’s lack of experience.

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