What Does the Development Team Do?

The last key component of a successful Scrum framework is the Scrum Development Team. While these individuals are not required to be certified in Scrum framework and practices, they are expected to run their development process according to the principles of Scrum. Development Teams do not have designated roles like developer, engineer, or designer. Everyone works toward the same goal, making it an inclusive and cohesive environment that fosters teamwork and team growth.


What does the Development Team do?

The Development Team works together to create products in certain planned work increments. The Team works independently to meet the requirements set forth by the Certified Product Owner. The Development Team works through the entire product development phase, designing, producing, and ultimately testing the product to ensure that it meets the outlined requirements and functions.


Who supervises them?

The Development Team works independently of the Certified ScrumMaster and Product Owner. Once they are given the task, the Team is in charge of delegating responsibilities and overcoming any unexpected issues that come up in development. The ScrumMaster only assists in motivating the Team and helps to resolve issues that are slowing the Team down while the Product Owner communicates new or updated product requirements.


How big is a Team?

Ideal Teams are made up of five to nine people. This ensures the Team is small enough to communicate effectively but large enough that work can easily be accomplished on schedule. Teams made up of fewer than five people often encounter issues in the development phase due to lack of skill in a necessary area. Teams larger than nine people can become too big to effectively communicate and reduce the effectiveness of the Scrum system.


The Scrum system allows for maximum productivity and facilitates communication within the entire framework. Since Development Teams are ultimately in charge of their own work, they do not have to cope with micromanaging supervision that is common in traditional development methods. If you believe that Scrum could benefit your business, contact Agile Strategic Solutions today.