What is a ScrumMaster?

There are three main roles in scrum: the Product Owner, the Team, and the ScrumMaster. Each would not function as well without the others. At Agile Strategic Solutions, we offer training and certifications for various scrum positions, but having a basic idea of the roles each position plays will let you know which course is right for you. Some are more suited for Product Owner positions, while others lean towards the position of ScrumMaster.


What is the ScrumMaster?

The ScrumMaster is essentially a team leader, overseeing the project and teams throughout the development process. Many ScrumMasters have prior experience as project managers and are comfortable working across different teams in the scope of a project. They are extremely well-versed in Scrum methods and act as a resident expert in Scrum methods for the entire organization. ScrumMasters mentor and lead their organization in the Scrum method and help implement the structure into the business.


What does the ScrumMaster do?

The ScrumMaster helps the development team to work as quickly and smoothly as possible. If situations or difficulties come up, the ScrumMaster is in charge of removing the challenges and getting the team back on track. In this role, an individual is expected to act as a team coach, helping each team function at its highest possible level of efficiency and quality.


A ScrumMaster also organizes Scrum Events, meetings that fall outside the normal team-based development process. These events minimize the amount of time teams are pulled away from their work and create a certain degree of consistency within the process. The ScrumMaster works constantly to create an environment that increases the organization’s productivity.
If you are interested in a ScrumMaster certification, contact us today! We have a number of certification classes scheduled and look forward to helping you improve your business.