Proven Ideas to Prevent Agile Transition Failure

Proven Ideas to Prevent Agile Transition Failure

Agile transitions give major profits for most organizations, but not for all. There are versatilemreasons for agile transition failures. The major hindering factor is the employee reluctance to accept change. Most employees especially the tenure ones will be content that they are experts in the process. It is true to a certain extent. Making them understand agile transition is an important step towards process improvement and gaining their co-operation is a major process. The success of agile transition depends entirely on making the employees flexible to change on a psychological level. Most agile transitions fail because the employees in an organization are not ready to adapt to the changing process and the organization taking little efforts to educate the employees.

Organizational Education

Education is important to prepare the employees regarding the benefit of the agile process. The employees should be briefed upon the use of the system and the betterment in customer service which can be achieved through it. Understanding how adhering to agile transition rules and regulations makes work easy and standardized all over the organization is important for everyone involved in the process. Details like examples of organizations which have successfully switched to agile, the profit they have earned and how it reflects on the employees should be briefed to them. The employees should be educated on the monetary and work based advantages which can be achieved through effective agile implementation.

Good Leadership

Like any change, agile transition isn’t possible without a good leader’s co-operation. The change will be effective only if it starts from the topmost authority. The leader should be willing and confident the change will yield good results. They should take steps to allocate proper budget, plan training sessions and make way for the change to seep in through all the departments.

Encouraging the Employees to Take Part in the Process

The employees should be presented the process like a fun activity. Agile transition posters, tea shirts and promotional objects should be distributed. Small contests between departments on who excels in process knowledge should be conducted. Constant quizzes should be conducted and recognition for employees adapting to the process quickly should be given. The teams which excel in an agile environment should be made an example for the other teams. Their achievements should be highlighted. Ideas from employees and trainers to speed up the transition process should be welcome and the good ones implemented.

Enhancing co-operation between various departments

Complete co-operation of every department is necessary for successful agile transition. If a software project should be delivered early and with perfection, it requires the involvement of at least three to five teams starting from planning to coding and testing. All these departments should work together on a same platform. Introducing agile environment for core coding groups and making others manage the traditional way of working will not help much. Departmental co-ordination here means agreeing to achieve a common goal by all the groups together. Be it agile or any major transformation, realistic targets and giving enough time for the employees to adapt to it is also very important.