Comprehensive Advantages of Agile Process for the Digital Age

Agile process is quite important in the modern day workforce as it is vital for on time delivery and suits the ever popping changes in the software industry. Let’s discuss the importance of the 12 points stated in the agile manifesto.
1. The first and foremost priority is given to delivering valuable software to the customer at the earliest time possible. This is very important to gain a competitive advantage over others.
2. Harnessing changes even in the late stage of product development – this is important to suit ever changing industry needs and customer mood.
3. Delivering new software consistently – This is important for the growth of the industry, for the evolution of new technicalities and to provide the customer with new facilities.
4. Business people are required to work with the software team regularly to ensure a proper understanding about the process is imbibed among the software developers. This is the key to automate the process. A software developer who knows nothing about a car factory will not be able to automate it efficiently. Frequent interaction with the person experienced in car manufacturing is important to do the task flawlessly.
5. Building the project based on an individual’s skills rather than depending upon the tools – This feature helps in harvesting the skill set and fresh ideas of several minds rather than making them work as one among the mob. This idea oriented manpower is an asset for companies to launch new products that attract customers.
6. Engaging in direct face to face interactions – It is best to resolve conflicts in no time and communicate messages without wrong interpretation.

7. Measuring the success of the project through working software rather than team work or efficient resource usage or on time delivery. At the end of the day the customer wants to click a button which does not show any error message and get the work done. Agile management gives importance only to this rather than stressing on unnecessary quality issues.
8. This parameter makes the process sustainable. Good working software and extra updates with new features make it reusable constantly.
9. Constant attention on technology and development is given as the software is the mainly observed parameter here, not a person’s discipline or working type or influence in the company.
10. The process is highly simplified – Work hard to deliver good software not to do the documentation or fill in forms.
11. Self organizing teams – such teams are the main necessity of any modern corporate company because they strive to give the best to the management as their own personal well being depends upon the company reputation. They adjust the work according to their comfort and still deliver results creating a win-win situation for the company and themselves. There is no necessity for close quality monitoring as each team will strive to be the best.
12. Self –evaluating teams – Self organizing teams often compare themselves with other teams and accommodate to new changes and adjustments with the sole aim of being the best instead of being pushed to perform. They change their behavior based on the trend in the office to cope up with others automatically.